Health & Wellness

Unison Benefits offers wellness plans that take a proactive approach to improving the general well-being of employees, ensuring that they’re happier, healthier, and more productive.

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)

Employee and Family Assistance Programs provide confidential counselling through different modes of delivery to help support employees in need or crisis. The stress of life and work demands makes it important that employees and their family members prioritize their mental and physical health and well-being. By doing this, it improves their work–life balance, reduces absenteeism and helps to maintain productivity and increase employee effectiveness in the workplace.

Health Wellness Plans

Prevention and being proactive often is the best medicine, so investment in empowering employees with the tools to improve their own physical and mental health can save companies significant long term costs. Happy employees are productive employees!

We can provide innovative programs that identify, evaluate, and target health risks, so that companies and individuals can implement sound strategies to effect positive physical and emotional changes.