First Nations

Did you know?

First Nation entities can apply for funding assistance to assist with costs for band employee benefits from the federal government’s First Nation Indian Government Support Funding program.

First Nations need to be provided with viable options in regards to group pension and employee benefit plans, and programs such as First Nation Indian Government Support Funding program are aimed at making these options a reality. The program is designed to assist with costs associated with benefits and pensions and help with improving retention and recruitment of employees.

We are able to assist First Nation clients explore all funding opportunity options that are aimed at helping First Nation communities, business and organizations pay for pension and health benefits for their employees.

Information for First Nations

  • First Nation communities and businesses can apply for government funding to assist with costs relating to employee benefit plans
  • First Nation entities and organizations located on reserve can further reduce their benefit costs by taking into account their unique tax status
  • First Nations can further reduce benefit costs by having a plan in place that takes into account how much status and non status employees are enrolled in their benefit program
  • We can customize Employee & Family assistance programs that take into account the First Nation culture
  • We offer wellness programs that can be customized towards First Nations clients

Some of our services include:

  • Health and Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension
  • Critical Illness
  • Specialty plans for seasonal employees
  • Employee & Family Assistance Programs
  • Disability Income

Unison Benefits can assist with:

  • Band Employee Benefits
  • Coordinating benefit plans with AAND & NIHB to reduce premiums by avoiding benefit duplications
  • AAND funding assistance options
  • Tailoring a plan to address the specific needs of a group in geographic areas

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