Administrative Services

A standout and unique feature among Northwestern Ontario benefits providers, Unison Benefits operates its own ASO system.

Group ASO plans are self-funded plans paid by the employer. Eligible claims are reimbursed to the employee or service provider. The employer is responsible for providing sufficient funds to cover the claims, fees and taxes.

Stop-loss insurance is an insurance policy attached to an ASO plan to protect the plan should and employee or family member experience health claims that exceed specified plan limits. Unison is currently able to offer some of the lowest stop loss levels in the industry.

ASO plans are not for everyone; Unison will assist clients in determining if this type of plan is the best option for their group. ASO groups can take advantage of all the electronic services including payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT), direct deposit for claims reimbursement and online claims access. Online claims access allows the employees to view their claim balances and print explanation of benefits. Claims can be submitted to Unison through online claims access, a mobile app for smart phones, through email, fax or mail.

For large companies, Unison works with a number of outside insurers who offer ASO plan options.

What are the benefits of an ASO plan?

Going with this type of plan offers the employer savings that are not available through traditional insurance plans.

  • Claims are processed locally.
  • Lower administration costs.
  • Funds in reserve belong to the company.
  • Fees and taxes are not assessed until claims are paid.
  • Inflation and trend factors are not used to determine rates.
  • Flexible plan designs and coverage limits.