Employers know that having a benefits plan in place for their employees is one of the keys to running a successful business. Employee benefits are known to attract and retain employees. Whether considering a change in your group benefits plan or just setting up a plan for the first time, you want the best options available.

Whether you want to set up a comprehensive or a basic plan or whether you are a large business or small, we can help.

You generally want five things when considering a group plan; coverage, premium stability, guarantees, claim payment options and longevity.

We can help you address this by:

  • customizing your plan to maximize your plan value.
  • giving you a pooled plan option if you are a smaller business and adjust it at regular intervals.
  • all small claim payment options will be explored to provide quick claim payment’s to clients individual bank accounts.
  • ensuring all clients have access to cost control tools and your plan evolves to suit your needs.

How do you set up a group plan?

There are two types of insurances that offer group plans: traditional plans and administrative services only (ASO’s). Steps for setting up a group plan include:

  • talk to us as we are experts who are familiar with the group benefit business and the different carriers that offer group benefits.
  • whether you are a small company or a large organization will determine your options best suiting your needs based on price.
  • by providing us certain information, we will do the necessary paperwork to enable group implementation.
  • we can enroll the employees of the group plan and educate them with information of the plan.
  • We will work with employees to provide contacts and answer questions and provide any additional information.

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